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Forms and Other Useful Resources
Trust Policies

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust maintains policies and procedures for all departments and wards to guide their operational duties.

You can access our current guidance documents by clicking here.
GP Queries

The Trust is always looking for ways to improve our services to patients and our local healthcare teams.

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Admission Avoidance Schemes

The following agencies/departments should be contacted to support (following assessment) expediting patient discharge where it has been agreed an ambulatory pathway, (managed on an OPD basis) is the preferred option as an alternative to acute admission.
Registration of new doctor in the Practice

Practices needs to notify us when a new partner starts and when a partner changes their name (on marriage, etc). We have repeatedly communicated this to practices but on occasions, one escapes the net.

It is the responsibility of the practice to advise us of these changes, and we publish a form which they need to complete in order for us to set up a mailbox for the new partner. The form can be accessed through the Pathology pages on the Trust website:
ADHD clinic referral guide
ADHD Clinic Referral Form
Australian Scale Questionnaire

Referral Form

Audiology Guidance 2011
Audiology Referral for Hearing Aid Repair or Replacements

Balloon Kyphoplasty
Information for GPs
Referral Form
Pathway for the Management of Painful VCF

Breast Surgery
Breast Unit Referral Form

Bone Density Unit
Information for GPs
Patient Leaflet: How to Book an appointment and about the procedure
Patient Leaflet: A guide to tell the patient how to book an appointment and about the procedure
Referral Criteria: A quick guide to DEXA for GPs
DXA Request Form
Barsamian Bone Densitometry Unit Questionnaire

Ashford ECG Referral Form
Direct Access Ambulatory ECG Service Referral Form
Guidance for Requesting Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring
Hounslow GPs Direct Access ECHO Referral Form
Surrey GPs Direct Access ECHO Referral Form

Chest Pain Clinic
Stable Chest Pain Referral Form
Referral Form (Hounslow GPs only)

Clinical Neurophysiology
WSCN Referrers Guide
WSCN Referrers Guide for GPs

OP Referral Diabetes SPH
OP Referral Domicillary SPH
OP Referral General SPH
OP Referral Obesity SPH
OP Referral Paeds
OP Referral Paeds Obesity

GP Upper GI Endoscopy Referral Form
Referral form for NW Surrey GPs

Falls clinic referral form

GP General Forms
Citizens Advice Bureau Form
GP PAS Change Form
Honorary Contracts Forms
Application for Funding for Low Priority Procedures
Registration of new doctor in the Practice
Genito-Urinary / Sexual Health
HIV Assessment Form
Sexual Health Assessment Form
Vulval Assessment Form

Gynaecology Ultrasound Form
GP Info - Obs and Gynae
Hysteroscopy Direct Referral Form
Referral to Fertility Clinic

Maternity Referral Form

Oncology and TWR
Brain and CNS
Children and Young People
Head and Neck
Lower GI
Upper GI

Ophthalmology Referral Form
Orthoptic Vision Screening Referral Form

Allergic Rhinitis
Lymph Nodes

Request for Pathology Supplies

Physiotherapy Referral Form

Non-Urgent GP Direct Assess Ultrasound Form
Radiology Request Form

Rapid Access Centre - Elderly
Non TIA Referral Form
TIA Referral Form
TIA Referral Form (Hounslow GPs only)

Respiratory Medicine
BCG Referral Form
TB Referral Form

Vascular Surgery
Non-Diabetes Leg Ulcer Referral Form
Additional Documents