Human Resources - Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month

About the Award

The judging panel are looking for colleagues who, in the past month, have displayed exemplary behaviour and truly shown that they have lived one, or more, or our Trust Values by:
  • Putting the needs of patients first; treating them as individuals; finding ways to make a difference for them and their carers; and using what we hear and see to make a difference for future patients.
  • Showing passion in their work; sharing good news and championing the work we do; being bold and ambitious in challenging the norm; and going above and regularly beyond without being asked.
  • Taking personal responsibility of their own actions; leading by example; not being afraid to challenge unacceptable behaviour and inspire courage in others; championing best practice in regards to well-being, respect and kindness.
  • Showing pride in our team by treating each other with dignity; helping others achieve more together; supporting and inspiring colleagues to achieve organisational and team goals; and always being open and honest, consistently demonstrating your values.

If you have any queries regarding the Employee of the Month award, please contact the Employee Recognition Team at: or call 01932 726837 / 726790.

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