Maternity Self Referral Form

Welcome to Ashford and St Peter's Maternity Services

Please complete the form below giving us as much detail as possible about your self and any previous pregnancies and medical history that you have.


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Antenatal Team Leader, Antenatal Clinic, Abbey Wing,
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Current and Previous Pregnancies

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Your Health

Have you had any of the following (if yes please give details in the box below)
Heart Disease
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Sickle Cell / Thalassaemia
Kidney Disease
Liver Disease
Mental Illness
Thyroid Disease
Blood Clotting Disorder
Auto Immune Disease
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What happens now?

The information you have provided will be reviewed and you will be contacted if we need any further details.

Please make sure that you have given us accurate contact details.

This referral will be processed and you will be sent an appointment for your 12-13 week ultrasound scan.


Meanwhile, please make a booking appointment with your local community midwife at your GP/Health Centre. This appointment will last approximately one hour, and during the appointment your midwife will take a detailed history, give you your maternity records and make future appointments with you. She will also answer any questions that you have about your pregnancy and on-going care. If you live out of our catchment area we will send you a booking appointment at St Peter's Hospital (please refer to our website for details of the catchment area).


Please note that following your booking appointment we will need to inform your GP and Health Visitor that you are pregnant so that they can support through your pregnancy and afterwards.