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Paediatric Diabetes Care
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About the Service
Outpatient Clinics
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Paediatric Diabetes Nurses
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Transition Service
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Our Philosopy
From diagnosis and throughout the journey of living with diabetes, we believe that all children and young people require an individual package of care that supports their needs both physically and emotionally.

All children and young people with diabetes are entitled to aspire and achieve their hopes and dreams in life.

About the Service
Currently 210 children up to age 19 receive diabetes care at both St Peter's and Ashford hospitals. The service is supported by two paediatric diabetes specialist nurses, two experienced paediatric dieticians and a Clinical Psychologist.

Outpatient Clinics
Diabetes management will be formally reviewed by the team every three months and this is a good time to raise any questions or concerns, although there is a member of the team who can always be contacted in-between these times for advice. Sometimes, as a learning experience, other doctors, nurses, dietitians and students attend the diabetes clinic, but you will always be informed if this is the case.

Out-patient clinics are held at both Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals. There is a weekly clinic held on a Tuesday morning in the Stephanie Marks centre based on the St Peter's hospital site, and a clinic 3 times a month on Thursday morning based on the Ashford Children and Young Peoples Outpatients Department at Ashford Hospital. It can be a good idea to bring to your appointment a snack, drink and some entertainment for child. Though we strive to run the clinic to time there can be delays and unfortunately there are no snack or drink provisions within the Stephanie Marks building.

There is also a Dietitian led clinic that is run twice a month on a Friday morning in the Stephanie Marks Centre at St Peter's Hospital and once a month at the Ashford Children's Unit on a Thursday morning.

The Clinical Psychologist runs a clinic twice a month based in Stephanie Marks Centre on Tuesday morning and the Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses run their clinics on the third Tuesday of each month, also based in the Stephanie Marks Centre.

The Children's Diabetes Team
The Children's diabetes team is made up of a variety of people who will work to help you learn all about coping with diabetes as part of your daily lives.

You will meet most of the team over the coming months. Each team member has a specialist role, but many of the things we do overlap. We aim to provide you with the best possible care based on the latest research and evidence.

The following members of the hospital based health care team will work together with you for the best possible care.

Dr. Gillian Baksh Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Shailini Bahl Consultant Paediatrician
Dr. Sonali D'Cruz Consultant Paediatrician
Anne Lyddall Paediatric Diabetes Nurse Specialist
Jocelyn Hall Associate Nurse Specialist
Catherine Casewell Specialist Paediatric Dietician
Sarah Havard Specialist Paediatric Dietician
Dr. Caroline Dibnah Clinical Psychologist

You may also meet the Podiatrist (chiropodist) service, the Play Specialist team, and eye screening service.

About the Service
The Paediatric Diabetes Nurse Specialist (PDNS) provides ongoing advice, education and support to all children and young people with diabetes (and their families) who attend Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals Trust. The service incorporates any child from diagnosis until transition to the adult diabetes service at approximately aged 19 years.

The PDNS manages the continuing care of the children and young people by providing telephone and e-mail advice; home visits, nursery and school visits to support and educate staff. Specialist education is also provided for others such as holiday play staff and youth leaders.

The PDNS attends the ward whenever a child or young person with diabetes is admitted. This enables the education programme of the child and parents to commence which in turn facilitates the early discharge of the patient. It also starts the development of the important therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the family. Further more, the nurse is able to provide support and expert advice to the ward nursing staff and the junior doctors.

Parents Support Group
Meetings are held every three months on a Saturday afternoon on Oak ward at St. Peter's Hospital. Occasional evening meetings are organised with outside speakers.

Invitations are usually sent out by email a month or two before the meeting date.

Home Visits
The Diabetes Nurse may visit you at home to give advice and support. She can also visit you child's school, club etc to give specialist advice to your child's carers.

Transition to Adult Care: Ready Steady Go
The Diabetes Transition Service supports children, young people and their families prepare for transfer from children's diabetes care to adult diabetes services.

This process is called 'transition' and it can start from around the age of 12 years and continue until transfer, usually when the young person reaches the age of 19 years.

The service aims to integrate children's and adult services and provide support for young people until the age of 24 years to empower them to manage their diabetes successfully.

It is recognised children and young people with diabetes often need extra help and support to help them cope with their condition especially during this time. All the usual changes are taking place that go along with growing up, puberty, changing schools, exams, starting college or university, decisions on what to do with their life and career. As well as finding a job, starting relationships, moving away from home, learning, to drive, and becoming more independent from parents to name but a few.

Having diabetes and transferring to adult diabetes services can make this a difficult and worrying time.

The Diabetes Transition Service aims to provide help, support and education to enable transition and transfer to adult services to be as straight forward and stress free as possible and keep young people engaged in diabetes care.

We provide information to help ensure young people achieve good diabetes control and reduce their risks of developing diabetes associated complications.

The Diabetes Transition Service provides all aspects of specialist diabetes care and support for young people with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes including:
  • Monthly Consultant Transition Clinics
  • Weekly Diabetes Transition Nurse clinics
  • Telephone and email follow up
  • Diabetes Specialist Dietitian
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Out of clinic appointments
  • Home visits
  • Diabetes Transition Coordinator
  • Education and Advice on Sexual Health, Pre-pregnancy, Smoking and Alcohol, Exercise and Weight Loss
  • Staff Training and Education

We also work closely with education providers, local authorities, charities and support groups to support young people with diabetes with non clinical matters such as grants and benefits.

Referrals or contact to the Diabetes Transition Service can be made directly by:

Telephone: 01932 872000
Extension 3633 or 6683

GP/Healthcare Professional referral letter to:

Diabetes Transition Service,
Oak Ward, St Peters Hospital,
Guildford Road, Chertsey Surrey KT16 0PZ

Patient Leaflets

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Dr. Gillian Baksh Consultant Paediatrician  
Dr. Shailini Bahl Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Sonali D'Cruz Consultant Paediatrician  
Anne Lyddall Diabetes Nurse Specialist 01932 723314
Jocelyn Hall Associate Nurse Specialist 01932 723314
Catherine Casewell Specialist Paediatric Dietician 01932 723937
Sarah Havard Specialist Paediatric Dietician 01932 723937
Dr. Caroline Dibnah Clinical Psychologist